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Avenir offers residents access to all the conveniences necessary for daily living, with the entire Palm Beach Gardens region within easy reach. It provides an abundance of amenities and a level of sophistication akin to a major city, all while retaining a distinct and relaxed form of luxury unique to the town. Situated just north of West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens is a short distance from the coastline, allowing residents to savor the ocean breeze. This city is renowned as the hometown of the PGA headquarters, drawing golf enthusiasts from across the nation to experience some of the world’s finest courses. For avid shoppers, Palm Beach Gardens presents an array of impressive choices, including high-end department stores and chic boutiques at The Gardens Mall, as well as over 50 boutiques, restaurants, and a cinema at the open-air Downtown at the Gardens.


The Crown of South Florida

In Palm Beach Gardens, one can find the PGA headquarters, attracting golfers from across the country who seek to experience some of the most exceptional courses available. For those with a penchant for shopping, Palm Beach Gardens offers an array of remarkable choices. These include the upscale department stores and fashionable boutiques found at The Gardens Mall, as well as the open-air shopping experience at Downtown at the Gardens, featuring over 50 boutiques, restaurants, and a cinema.

Palm Beach Gardens: Relaxed Luxury


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